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Spark Digital Showroom™

Spark Digital Showroom™ is a sales and shopping tool to be used by professional sales persons and end consumers, in-store or online. It allows customers to discover, evaluate, mix and match the complete product portfolio and instantly visualize the result in an ultra-realistic and emotional way.

The Gallery is a set of pictures showing predefined suggested combinations of products. It is a very powerful tool to present the style range of a collection or the complete assortment.  The pictures show how the products will look in a completed room. For the consumers, it provides an instant source of inspiration and a way to quickly understand what they can buy.


In the Spark Digital Showroom, products are displayed in their natural context. Bathroom tiles and sanitary wares are presented in a bathroom, floor tiles are shown in a living room, and kitchen cabinets are demonstrated in a kitchen.  Looking at products in their natural context makes it easier for consumers to imagine how they will appear in their own home. The room settings are predefined. Any picture of a room can be used as the starting point in the Spark Digital Showroom.

In the configuration mode, the user switches between different products, changes the color of cabinets, checks what a larger format floor tile looks like, etc. The changes are instantly shown on the screen, giving instant feedback to the user. Quickly flipping through several design options, you soon find products and combinations that you like.


A room can be furnished in different ways. Tiles can be placed in different patterns. This is managed by layouts in the Spark Digital Showroom. Using the menu, the user can switch between different predefined layout alternatives.

Spark Digital Showroom can contain thousands of products. In order to help consumers to find the right products quickly, there is a filter function. Criteria, such as color, format or price range can be set. Thus, thousands of options are reduced to a handful in just a few clicks.

Having found a combination you like, you click summary. Spark Digital Showroom will generate a picture of your dream configuration and summarize all articles with name and product codes. Send the summary by email to yourself, or to family and friends. Print it or save it using your email address as a login.


Spark Blueprint™

Spark Blueprint™ is a professional sales tool for retailers of tile products, but also for the modern contractor.

With Spark Blueprint, a complete bathroom with furniture, sanitary wares and tiles, is drawn in less than ten minutes. The Blueprint calculates material consumption and complete price.

When the room has been created, a complete specification is produced presenting how the bathroom should be built and how the tiles should be placed.

Using Spark Blueprint™
Drawing a room is done in four steps:

  1. Select the products that should be used in the project – tiles, furniture and sanitary wares
  2. Draw the room. Put doors, windows and products into place
  3. Place tiles on walls and floor
  4. Summarize and view the room in 3D on-screen. Print a summary to the client (and a copy to the tile setter)

You can watch a brief video (6 minutes) presenting Spark Blueprint here.



  • Filter and search functions to quickly find the right products
  • Simple drawing of the room with standard furniture and sanitary wares of all sizes
  • Calculation of exact number of tiles needed for the room
  • Calculation of waste
  • Calculation of price
  • Adjustable laying patterns (grid, brick, thirds)
  • Horizontal, vertical or diagonal laying of tiles
  • Adjustable grout size and color
  • Customized cover page with shop logotype and contact details
  • Easy handling of design proposals in project files
  • Effortless administration of assortment in MS Office Excel™


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