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Ceramic tiles have been decorating our lives and adding value to our homes for literally thousands of years. Throughout time and around the world, Ceramic art forms and tiles are an ever-enduring expression of cultural and social aesthetics while also conveying an individual’s social standing, position of power or wealth. Although the world of ceramics has evolved as an industry over the last centuries, the sociologic expressions realized thru ceramic art and tile remain consistent in today’s society.

What has also remained consistent over the years, in the general sense, is how tiles are marketed, bought and sold. Tiles and border products are limitless in their variations of colours, material, shape, size, texture and finishes. The ever-present and quite overwhelming customer challenge is to find the products they most desire, in the combinations they wish to purchase and install in their home environment.

In the showroom, tile presentations are crowded, expensive, limited in various respects and often times, not up to date. Manufacturers face the challenge to inspire and inform customers with cost-effective marketing materials in a low-stress, option-rich retail environment.

Spark Vision resolves these challenges through a positive, informative and easy-to-use interactive retail experience called Spark Digital Showroom™. Available both online and as a POS dealer solution, the Digital Showroom allows customers to discover, evaluate, mix & match your complete product portfolio and create printouts with brochure quality visuals, within various environments or lifestyle scenarios.


The Spark Digital Showroom™ experience is highly intuitive, friendly and can be customized to suit any language or regional preference. Users configure, save, edit and revisit their favourite products as part of a ‘new generation’ retail experience that links online exploration to showroom visits and closed deals.

With the ability to show 100% of your product offering, Spark Digital Showroom™ becomes a perfect training tool for the every dealer environment. The POS system receives regular updates from a centralized source, synchronizing each dealership with the latest information, specification and new product introductions. Imagine that your sales teams can be briefed on new product before it’s launch and take actual orders on the date of introduction!

Our objective is to help you sell more product at greater margins while securing your brand and product offering at the very core of a customer’s buying interests. Spark Digital Showroom™ is a source of inspiration and information throughout the retail experience. We connect online customers to your showrooms and support your sales teams during the complete retail process.

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