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The great American Industrialist Henry Ford replied to the press when asked about product colour options, “You can have any colour you want, as long as it’s black!”

Introduced in 1908, the Model T was a very easy car to sell and purchase. The price was reasonable and there were literally no options for a customer to consider. A century later, buying a car has become far more complicated, time consuming and cost intensive to the customer, dealer and manufacturer, simply due to the sheer amount of product options and model variations available to choose from.

As customers are faced with countless decisions, staff offer customers help based on print brochures, small samples of material, leather and fabric and perhaps accessories on display. However, unless the exact car desired is present at the dealership, the customer remains sceptical and unsure of their decision, as there is no confirmation to their actual purchase until the sale is closed and the vehicle is delivered, ready for pick up. 


Spark Vision has designed the solution that assembles all possible product variation into an easy to use interactive sales assistant we call Spark Digital Showroom™.

Available both online and at the dealership, the Digital Showroom provides clients instantaneous HD quality visual feedback and personalized brouchure printouts with exact price confirmation throughout the search for their perfect vehicle; the result is a faster and more confident retail experience.

The Digital Showroom is an evolution and logical next step in the process of how we market and sell personalized transportation today and in the future. With a highly creative and dedicated approach to technology and continuous innovation, our objective is to help companies save time, money and resources in a view toward a harmonious and sustainable industrial environment.

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